Travel in Style with Nadia Fairfax

The term ‘jetsetter’ is often bandied about gratuitously, but in the case of Nadia Fairfax it’s a perfect fit. The editor, content creator and model spends much of her time travelling between New York and Sydney—staying in boutique hotels and working from airport lounges—and has become one of Australia’s biggest icons in the realms of fashion and luxury travel.

In this 'Travel in Style' video episode Nadia shares with us her travel motto, jet lag cure, travel essentials, favourite hotel hangs and travel apps, plus her next bucket list destination, which is sure to have you in a state of wanderlust.  Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next instalment! X

Concept by Sophie Baker
Filmed & Edited by Luisa Brimble
Talent: Nadia Fairfax represented by Wanderlust Union
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