Wanderlust Union is a global communications and public relations firm, engaged by premium clientele in the travel, food, wine and lifestyle sectors. 

The genesis of our story – the reason we exist – can be refined to a simple maxim. We are here to serve your brand. To make you relevant. To leverage your market positioning with intelligent, compelling strategies, the kind that ensure you’re perceived in the best possible way, on the most relevant platforms. We want you to be clever. Ingenious. We want to cultivate genuine, lasting connections between you and the stakeholders that matter. 

Sophie Baker

Founder & Director

To forge a deep emotional connection with audiences, brands need to work harder. They need to be leaner and more imaginative, able to respond nimbly to a frenetic and ultra-fragmented market. They need to be leaders.

Sophie Baker knows this. For 15 years she’s been generating solution-driven brand experiences and PR strategies that ensure her clients remain ahead – taking campaigns as far as the Cannes Lions Awards. She’s worked closely with luxury brands, destinations and major media outlets, from Hamilton Island and qualia resort, Audi, Charles Heidsieck and Piper Heidsieck Champagne, to Harper’s BAZAAR and CHANEL. In 2015 she won CommsCon PR Professional of the Year, having forged landmark partnerships with Tencent Weibo and Net-a-Porter, as well as pioneering Australia’s Instameet phenomenon with a swathe of digital influencers. Over a three- year period, Sophie increased earned media for Audi Hamilton Island Race Week by 70% and in 2014, at the travel industry’s prestigious HM Awards, she was deemed Australia’s Best Communications Associate and won Best Marketing Campaign.

Baker is a masterful communicator and a strategic thinker. At Wanderlust Union, she works personally with every client. It’s a bespoke and tailored service, just the way it should be. 


It’s all about one thing:
creative problem-solving to get the story out.
— Robert Greenberg, 2006

Digital Influencers

The success of travel, dining and lifestyle brands are increasingly shaped by digital influencers. Wanderlust Union represents a core group of personalities: individuals with a singular eye and voice. We guide their affiliations-subtlety and authenticity is key-building beneficial partnerships that feel almost serendipitous.  

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